Omni Channel Web Based POS


Our Omni-channel Web-based POS software is easy to set up and efficient to use. With Web-based POS system, you can check out in seconds, manage products in real-time and enhance customer loyalty. Here are some highlights of this powerful Magento Web POS:

Web-based POS essentials

  • Responsive Web-based POS with native app UI/UX
  • Speed up order processing by saving local data in Indexed DB browser

Quickly add products to cart

  • Visualize product lists with thumbnail images
  • Quick view product description
  • Search products by attribute, such as barcode, SKU, name & description…
  • Scan barcode to add product to cart
  • Support simple, configurable, bundle, grouped and downloadable products
  • Create custom sale items (e.g. for new arrivals) in 2 clicks
  • Warning icon and message to avoid adding out-of-stock products

Process payments with ease

  • Support Magento Shopping cart/ Catalog Promotion
  • Keep orders on hold for further processing
  • Checkout without internet (Offline mode)
  • Pay order with multiple payment methods (Split payment)
  • Pay less than the total amount due and pay the rest later (Partial payment)
  • Support Cash-in, Credit Card ( & Stripe)
  • Support PayPal payment (coming soon via BrainTree Direct)
  • Card swiper supported


  • Process refund via Web-based POS & allow returning items to stock
  • Issue refund by item or by the whole value order

Pull up customer data & record new info

  • Choose an existing or add a new customer when creating an order
  • Use the default customer info for guest check out (No merchant account needed)
  • Edit customer info right on WebPOS screen
  • Search customers by name, email, phone

Cash up/ Session Management

  • Set different access permissions for different staff (e.g. manage order, refund, discount, etc.)
  • Set maximum discount percentage applied by each user role
  • Manage working shift: open/close shift, cash adjustments, Z-report, X-report for working shift
  • Manage cash balance and transactions of sale staff on WebPOS device in each working shift

Peripheral Devices

  • Cash Drawer
  • Barcode reader
  • Card swiper
  • Receipt printer


  • Magento Web-based POS solution is 100% Open Source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations
  • Magento Web-based POS module is easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
Enterprise Omni-Channel Web Based Point of Sales Solution – Covered Features

Number of Users
Create as many users as you want & assign different roles to staff
Number of Devices
Run POS on as many devices as you want to make sales faster
Number of Warehouses
Control stock transfer between warehouses effectively with many features
Manage Stock in Backend
Go to nowhere else but your Magento backend to control sales & stock
POS for iPad
Convert sales anywhere by connecting your iPad with Magento data

Omnichannel experiences
Buy at store, home delivery
Best for running a popup store in a trade fair. Customer info is also synced to backend, ready for fulfillment
Buy online, return in store
Cashier sees the order details on POS to make arrangements, while customer may buy extra when at your store
Buy online, ship from Store
Reduce costs & speed up delivery when shipping from a nearby store to customer home
Buy online, pickup at store
Customers can locate your stores during checkout & schedule to buy on website while picking up in a store later
Buy at store, fulfill from others
Embrace the omnichannel experience for both customers & yourself when being able to sell/buy & fulfill from anywhere

Purchasing Management
Price list management
Easy to add/edit supplier & their pricing in one page. Delete suppliers in bulk
Quotation management
Search and sort quotations on multiple conditions. You can export or send the quotation to the supplier in 1 click
Create Purchase Order (PO)
Add purchase orders in bulk/ convert from quotations & manage purchase orders by status to save your time & effort
Return to Supplier
Receive purchase orders in parts & return disqualified items to the supplier with a reason
Convert Stock Need into PO
Eliminate mistakes & save time by converting Low Stock/ Supply Need Forecast into purchase order & email to supplier

Order & Checkout
Create order in second
Innovative PWA POS allows super speed, tested on 100,000 SKUs & customers
Scan Barcode
Verify products by scanning barcodes to speed up work & reduce manual mistakes
Real-time Sync with Magento
All data are updated immediately across the system whenever there are changes
Check Other Stores’ Stock Level
Check available stock Qty at other stores on your POS screen & make sales even when your store is out of stock
Search Online Orders
Offer consistent & satisfying shopping experience in the omnichannel retail era

Order & Checkout
Price Override
Treat your customers right with an in-time discount without messing up with data record
Split Tenders
Let customers pay you however they want, in a mix of payment methods per order
Partial Payments (Layaway)
Encourage impulse buy when customers can place a deposit & pay the rest later
Print Custom Receipt
Customize receipt to your wish & make it as professional as your business brand

Promotions & Loyalty
Support Magento Rules
Support Magento default promotion rules: Tier price by customer group, Catalog rule, Shopping cart rule, Coupon code
Custom discount
Satisfy price-sensitive customers by adding discounts by percentage or fixed amount
Gift Card
Boost your seasonal sales with custom Gift Cards. Customers can buy to use gift voucher for themselves or send to friends
Reward Points
Encourage customers to buy more & enhance loyalty by granting reward points for their specific behaviors
Store Credits
Improve shopping experience by letting customers have a virtual wallet & spend credits on their orders or send to friends

Inventory Management
Price Override
Treat your customers right with an in-time discount without messing up with data record
Adjust/ Transfer Stock in Mass
Update Qty. in mass by importing data in CSV files or stocktaking records
Notify Low Stock
Set low stock rules for specific products based on threshold Qty. or remaining days before out of stock
Forecast Supply Need
Predict the availability days of each product & the re-ordering Qty. for a future period

Inventory Management
Record Stocktaking
Record counted stock in your warehouse and double-check differences before updating Qty. in the system
Manage Multi-warehouses
Create unlimited warehouses & connect each warehouse to a specific web store or POS location
Generate & Print Barcodes
Control products & their attributes better with barcodes. Generate, import, scan & print barcodes with ease

Advanced Features
Real-time Reports
Access real-time data to make in-time decisions. Create custom reports with dimensions and metrics
Advanced Order Management
Get your orders prepared and shipped fast using 4-step fulfillment (verify, allocate, pick & pack). Track fulfilment performance by staff or warehouse
Send & manage dropship requests to suppliers in a dedicated portal & emails

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