Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is a unique cloud computing and backup service model for protecting user applications and data using cloud-based solutions. DRaaS allows organizations to make comprehensive backup of its systems to ensure business continuity in case of a system failure or an IT disaster.

DRaaS solutions generally work hand in hand with an organization’s disaster recovery plans (DRP) and business continuity plans (BCP).

DRaaS can be used for full replication of cloud data, applications and systems along with its backup to be used as a secondary infrastructure, in case of a problem. With the help of DRaaS, organizations can quickly roll out a similar work environment that allows employees to continue routine business processes when the original system is being treated or repaired. DRaaS makes use of Virtual Machines (VM) to run critical business application in real-time. 

DRaaS can also be used by organizations relying on on-premise solutions. The capability allows companies to test its cloud computing capabilities for seamlessly transitioning to cloud environment. Companies can replicate their existing system on the cloud without discarding the original on-premise system.


DRaaS advantages are as follows:

Disaster recovery orchestration with runbooks

Implement runbooks in test mode to check your disaster recovery plan’s integrity using the web console without affecting the actual operations network.

Automated testing of all key disaster recovery scenarios

Digitize your disaster recovery and backup plans by automating core disaster recovery scenarios. DRaaS can be configured to ensure that the system recovery happens in a pre-decided order for catering to inter-application dependencies.

Backup-based replication of production machines

Enjoy faster recovery and reduced costs compared to complex and conventional replication technologies.

Cloud servers for application-level replication

Replicate your business application using built-in replication technology to add virtual machines via Windows or Linux VM templates.

Instant off-site failover to the cloud recovery site

Restart your business operations in minutes after an outage or disaster by transitioning to machines at a cloud data center.

Easy extension of local networks to the cloud recovery site

Provide remote access to recovery servers quickly using our virtual VPN appliance. Extend your network throughout the recovery site in failover mode, too.