Make real-time, secure and quick physical and virtual backups off site to the cloud with the help of Backup as a Service (BaaS) solutions. With BaaS, you are not required to develop and maintain a cloud infrastructure. Our BaaS solutions provide integrated and secure backup capabilities on our cloud repository.

BaaS can be used for storing data offsite. All the contents of a hard drive including files, folders and other critical information is routinely backup up to remote data repository using a network connection. This online backup solution is simple and protects critical business or personal data from losses due to issues such as hacking, manual errors or any other technological disaster. Being superior than the conventional and centralized on-premises IT department, BaaS allows companies to utilize a private, public or hybrid cloud managed by a third-party service provider.

Backup as a Service is a convenient data backup solution that enables businesses to get reliable backup solutions without worrying about storage management, offsite administration and routine disk maintenance, saving time, efforts and energy.


Advantages of Baas

Protection for any workload

Protect data and information across all major OS and application suites including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Microsoft Apps, Office 365, G Suite and eight major hypervisors.

Instant Restore

Restore critical data in a jiffy by connecting a system to the backup storage solution.

Universal Restore

Recover from any hardware without worrying about incompatibility troubles.

Quick self-service file recovery

Allow your employees to backup, restore and search files in previous backups, from anywhere, anytime using a web-based console.

Physical Data Shipping

Ship a physical hard drive with full backup to a data center for initial seeding rapidly.

AI-based virus protection

Protect critical business data, customer information, applications and backup from virus attacks and vulnerabilities.

Fast, reliable backups

Minimize the chances of data corruption and make quick backups with speed up to 500MB/second and above.


BaaS is an economical backup option compared to physical tape drives, on-premises servers and other hardware/software required for backup. BaaS minimizes the cost of procuring backup media, transportation to remote location and labor tasks required for managing large scale backup systems.